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Riders' functional abilities are classified into one of four grades. Grade I riders have a higher degree of disability than Grade IV riders. There are five classifications with Grade V riders allowed to compete in some national competitions but not eligible for FEI international competitions. The rider's skill and ability to ride a horse is not a factor in the grading, and FEI has developed a set of Dressage tests for each grade. Riders graded I or II are required to ride walk only or walk and trot movements, whilst Grade III and IV riders perform tests that also include canter and some lateral work. At a major competition, classifiers watch riders training and competing and may use the observations together with other data to decide whether or not a rider needs to be re-classified.

The Classification guidelines are as follows:

Grade I: Mainly wheelchair users with poor trunk balance and/or impairment of function in all four limbs or no trunk balance and good upper limb function.

Grade II: Mainly wheelchair users or those with severe locomotors impairment involving the trunk and with mild to good upper limb function, or severe unilateral impairment.

Grade III: Mainly able to walk without support, with moderate unilateral impairment, moderate impairment in four limbs or severe arm impairment. May require a wheelchair for longer distances or due to lack of stamina. Athletes have total loss of sight in both eyes.

Grade IV: Impairment in one or two limbs or some degree of visual impairment.


Here are the rules you need to obey to be listed on Equestrian 100. Joining Equestrian 100 implies that you have read these rules and the Terms of Use; failure to comply will result in your listing being deleted.

1. Votes: Fraudulently generating votes are not permitted. This includes but is not limited to java script alerts, hit bots, directing traffic to Equestrian 100 from sources other than the site on which our return link is located. If you are cheating to stack your votes your site will be blacklisted and immediately removed.

2. Relevant: Your site must be related in content to the Equine.

3. Language: The site must be in English. That applies to all content including any advertisements.

4. Deception: You may not at any time use deception to trick your visitors into voting for your web site. You may only link to us by using the Hyper Link provided when you joined Equestrian 100. You can not modify the image showing your ranking in any way shape or form.

5. Title & Description: The title of your site must be short and that best describes your equestrian web site. The description must be short and describe the content of your web site. Your site title and description must NOT BE IN ALL CAPS.

6. Illegal Content: The site must not contain any content, products, services or other information that may be illegal to sell under any applicable law, that may infringe or violate anyone's rights, or that, Equestrian 100 management believes, in its sole discretion, is offensive. You may not under any circumstances add a Listing containing Obscene, Immoral, or Pornographic material.

7. Equestrian 100 Image: Under no circumstance are you allowed to have more then one voting image appear on the same page. You may only use the image provided by your link provided.

8. Code Provided: Under no circumstances will the code supplied by Equestrian 100 be altered.

9. Spamming: Spamming of any kind is not permitted.

10. Listing Removal: Equestrian 100 reserves the right to Edit or Remove any listing at any time without notice at managementís discretion. Any violation of any kind of stated Rule will result in removal of your listing.

11. Banner: Your banner must be 100 pixels in width by 40 pixels in height. The file can be larger than 10kb and may have one animation. If there is a problem with your banner we will notify you by email. If you need help with making a banner please contact us.

12. Code Install: You must add the supplied code for your vote button on your website. For best results for your visitors to vote you would want to place your voting button in a very visible location. Usually the best results are achieved by having the code display your Equestrian 100 image near the top or middle on your home page. You may install the code on all your pages if you like.

13. Votes: We reserve the right to restrict votes from any provider/IP address for any reason at any time. This would only be used if a voter was found to be abusing stacking votes. This is to keep it fair for all listing members.

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