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nathalie summers dela cruz

Post  nathaliesummers on Thu Sep 03, 2009 2:32 pm

name:nathalie summers dela cruz nickname:summers,nats birthdate:3/22/97 age:12 address:bermuda homes sierra madre st.blk 2 lot 4

father:nathaniel traver tendencia moher:may summers dele cruz siblings:n/a
schools attended:freshmind montessori,jubileum academy,saint francis of assisi fav.subjects:eng.sibika science course i plan to take in college:maybe commerce or maybe i would plan to take criminology
hobbies:drawing,reading twililight,watching movies,
favs.:japanese and chinese food,twilight movie and book,mcapple laptop and psp
carton character:garfield,shana,ichijuo
songs:bring me to life by evanescence,thunder by boys like girls,jenny by click five,fall 4 u and more
greatest accomplishment i dream to achive in life;(even if i think its impossible);to b a vampire,to finish college
crush;edward cullen
role model in lyf;my mom and my crush and inspiratipn edward cullen
interests;mostly mysteries,sciences,and vampire
secret talent/s;seeing,talking/hearing ghosts

father:nathaniel traver tendencia mother:may summers dela cruz


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